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When your customers see your company, your brand, your products, your service as a requirement for their success!

Captive Market

With Swimfee you are assured to capture the attention of an active national database of competitive swim families. The industry is bouyant with new members entering into the sport on an almost weekly basis.

Success Focussed

With Swimfee you have access to potential customers who are focussed on success at point of sale. Your products / services are therefore associated with a successful transaction.

Measured Outcomes

Swimfee operates a number of advertising models that vary from simple brand promotion to performance linked marketing. Whatever you preference we are focussed on symbiotic and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Gain the attention of your customers.



Call to Action

Be where your shoppers are!

Having your products displayed at a time when customers are considering their next competition, their next personal best, their next time to shine, their next winning opportunity may be all that is needed to secure the sale of your products.

Advertising with Swimfee allows your customers a focussed window to your products at a time when they are geared for success. Associating your products, service, brand with their success allows YOU a better prospect of success. Sale Success!

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