When all you need is confirmation

When there is a simple solution available we choose to use it.
No complicated processes, no confusing information, just simple logical communication.

Swimfee Delivery Policy

In line with ordinary Meet Entry procedure where swimmers receive email confirmation of their entries only after the Meet Promoter finalises the Meet, Swimfee operate a paperless ticketing system. Swimmers receive confirmation of payment via email immediately after Swimfee receives confirmation that their entries with associated payment have been received.

This means that no paper tickets or confirmation will be sent in the post.

How will I receive confirmation of my Meet Entry(ies)?

When you enter a Meet, you’ll receive a simple email as proof of purchase. This is not confirmation of entry as Meet Entries are subject to the Meet Promoter’s Rules of Entry and are only confirmed after the Meet Promoter finalises the Meet.

When will I know if my Meet Entries have been accepted / rejected?

All Meet Entrants shall receive confirmation of accepted / rejected entries by the Meet Promoter after the Meet Entry Closing Date. This is typically done by email via the Swimfee Meet Entry Management System but may also be posted on the Meet Promoter’s website.

If however, you were able to submit entries via the Swimfee Meet Entry Management System after the Meet Entry Closing (as ‘on-the-day’ entries) you will receive email confirmation of your accepted entries via email but may not reflect in the Meet Promoter’s website or Meet Programme.

Please note that all Meet entries are subject to the Meet Promoter’s Rules and the Meet Promoter’s decision shall be final and binding, and no correspondence shall be entered into.

What do I need to bring with me to the Meet?

You do not need to bring anything with you to the Meet as ordinarily you should be accompanied by an Official / Team Manager from your Ranked Club who would confirm your identity. In most instances, the Meet Promoter shall require you to sign-in before the Meet warm-up commences. Further details of which can be found in the Meet Promoter’s Meet Rules.

In the event, you are attending the Meet in your own capacity (without an Official / Team Manager from your Ranked Club) the Meet Promoter or Meet Referee may ask for proof of your identity or information that would allow them to confirm your identity.

Can I give my Meet Entry tickets as a gift or issue a Letter of Authorisation for someone else to attend on my behalf?

Transferring your Meet Entry tickets is not possible. Swimmers enter Meet Events to obtain a personal time for each event entered. This means that no swimmer could obtain a time for any event on behalf of another swimmer.

Last updated: 01 July 2018